Who are our latest startups?



Helipass is the #1 Online Booking Platform for touristic helicopter tours. As a pure player, Helipass built its success on its state of the art online solution (SaaS) for HTO (Helicopter Tour Operator).

CEO and co-founder Frédéric Aguettant brings to his team and his clients a unique experience in aeronautics. These assets were key for Helipass to become a leader on this very selective niche market.


In 2016 Helipass has a turnover of 1.2 million euros and offers a broad range of 63 destinations through its network of 45 strategic partners. The team’s ambition for the three years to come is to become the world leader with a significant growth based on the american and asian markets. Helipass is currently preparing a transatlantic Series B funding round.

The team chose the great California climate to open its first American office in Los Angeles.

For more information: https://www.helipass.com


Frédéric, founder & CEO at Helipass



Clay disrupts gesture recognizing with its patented technology based on artificial intelligence and virtual reality. It allows the customer to directly interact with the virtual world, touchless. The team succeeded in adapting gesture recognizing technology to all applications on iOS and android with the Clay V-Air kit! The best part is that everything is integrated in the software, no need for additional material. With its state of the art technology Clay targets the entertainment and video game markets.


Thomas Amilien and Jean-Baptiste Guignard, co-founders, both have out of the box resumes, respectively orchestra conductor and awarded cognitive semiotics doctor. They bring to their team and clients a complementary and unique vision.

Following its funding round in march, Clay is expanding to the United States with the opening of their first office in sunny Los Angeles.

For more information: http://www.claytheworld.com

Jean Baptiste Guignard, Co-founder


Thomas Emilien, Co-founder


When people think of Italy, they think of quality and craftsmanship in fashion and food. Fincons Group has translated this idea into the world of software and IT applications. With more than 30 years of experience Fincons Group is a leading IT Business Consulting firm. This made in Italy company focuses on helping customers embrace and leverage digitalisation to remain competitive in the omnichannel digital era. Their ambition is to predict the upcoming media technology trends that will shape the future of broadcast. They provide an end-to-end business process that goes from designing and developing a new platform, to leveraging their partnerships with multiple international vendors to help clients choose a software that truly responds to their business needs.


Major global players such as Sky, Fox and Mediaset trust Fincons Group and their great expertise.

With more than 1000 professionals, the company projects to reach 100 million euros turnover in 2017.

The group keeps expanding internationally with the opening of two new offices in New York and Los Angeles.

For more information: http://www.finconsgroup.com


Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO


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