Telcoin launches its ICO on Dec 11th

French Accelerator is proud to announce that our latest startup, Telcoin, is launching its ICO, on Dec 11th 2017.

It's 2017, but still almost half of the population in developing countries have no access to financial services. Telcoin offers a new solution: a cryptocurrency distributed by your mobile operator and accepted everywhere.

People use phones, not banks and Telcoin is bringing banking to those phones. The company has already enrolled major telecom operators representing more than 350 millions users worldwide. Telcoin is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Telcoin's presale-ICO has reached 11 millions from C-level finance executives and leading cryptocurrency specialists.

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Telcoin is starting with remittances as their first business case. They will allow seamless and instant international transfers using mobile operators to cash in and out of Telcoin.

Unlike most startups, Telcoin will raise funds through selling its product directly, turning supporters and investors into users: the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The ICO will takes place on Dec, 11th 2017.

Take this opportunity to buy Telcoin at a low price before the currency is officially distributed by mobile operators!

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