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French Tech Los Angeles: here we go !
It’s now official ! The City of Angels has just been accredited by the French government as a new French Tech Hub. After New York, San Francisco, London and Tokyo, Los Angeles is now part of this growing network of French startup ecosystems based outside of France.


Customer Engagement: everything you need to know

In the last few years, customer engagement has become a top priority for companies, particularly in digital fields. Consider the following four major trends.  Customer engagement’s goal is to develop new channels and techniques of interaction in order to respond better to the expectations of customers who are hyperconnected and highly ...


Culture USA: Time Management

The relentless soft power of time management in the United States. Los Angeles, 10:58 a.m., one morning. « Great, that was very interesting » says the person sitting across from me as he stands up from behind his desk. In American cultural code, this means our meeting is over and I have two minutes left to thank him and close...

Start Up Business Launch Success People Meeting Concept

Conference in Paris: the Mistakes to void to conquer the US market

French Accelerator invite you to a unique event organized by the magazine French Morning in partnership with UBER France. Startups founders: get all the answers to your questions regarding your implementation in the United States. The conference will be followed by a cocktail networking hour.


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