Alexandre Mayeux

Digital Marketing

We believe the future will be shaped by hackers: people who overpass the limits of standard education and disrupt the rules


Alexandre is a Paris-Dauphine student with a strong background in the startup ecosystem. His previous experiences gave him a taste of what tomorrow could be made of: state-of-the-art devices and insanely beautiful apps.

His first professional experience was in a student association named PARIS-CI where he managed the brand identity and social medias. Then, he worked as a business developer at Shotgun, Paris based mobile application, and finally sharpened his skills in fundraising at Anthisma Partners.

Alexandre is a movie and sport addict, always up for a coffee coffee to talk about surf and american movies.


  • French Accelerator

  • Anthisma Partners

  • Shotgun



  • Digital & Communication

  • Design

  • Business Development

  • Fundraising