JEF Label identifies and boosts innovative startups

We are pleased to announce a partnership between French Accelerator and JEF Label. The objective of this partnership is to promote JEF Label list of curated startups to an international exposure.


But who is JEF Label?

The key factor in a startup's take-off is often due to the access to influential network. Large companies, investment funds, entrepreneurs, media and business angels are all very difficult to capture, but they are essential for the growth of a startup. The mission of JEF Label is to connect young entrepreneurs with these players. They are network craftsmen!

JEF stands for Jeunes Entrepreneurs en France (meaning Young Entrepreneurs in France). JEF Label is a unique company with an interesting concept where their goal is to identify and boost innovative startups with high growth potential.


Their two main activities in more details: Gather & Connect

  • Gather

Their expertise: sourcing & audit.

They bring together the best entrepreneurs from France (company -6 years old) who have innovative models as well as a great aspiration for development.

To do so they must first meet some basic specific criteria JEF Label has defined in their methodology.


  • Connect

Their expertise: communication & network.

Once endorsed by JEF Label, the selected startups are being connected to 5 key categories of network: large companies, influent entrepreneurs, media, investment funds/business angels and incubators/accelerators.

If the connection is successful, that means there is an interest shared by the two actors. And the job is done. :-)


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