Concierge – Reinventing your Smart House


French Accelerator is proud to present its new startup: Concierge (Butler in English).

Lionel Debruyne, Concierge CEO, and his team are reinventing the Smart House thanks to their cutting-edge tool: Concierge, a smart butler service bell. No more tedious configuration nor laborious setup on your phone, Concierge has been created as an intelligent robot: it learns and adapts to your daily life need to become completely autonomous.

Displayed in the entrance of the house, Concierge, in a simple pressure, frees you from managing the house. Thanks to him, you can now leave with your mind at ease, knowing that his home is into safe hands. Concierge knows when it’s the perfect time to launch the vaccum cleaner, adjust the temperature or even switch off the forgotten light.

Leader of the Smart Home field in France, Concierge is now ready to transport American houses right to the future, starting in California with the support of French Accelerator.


Concierge, the smart house reinvented. Who is Concierge?

Concierge is a smart object that enhances your connected home. If you are already equipped with a thermostat, a camera or a smart key lock, Concierge will create a dialog between these to make them even more efficient. In this order, no need to be a geek or an IT person, you just need to answer Concierge’s questions via your smartphone.

How did you come up with this project?

Seven years ago, I had an automated house built. If it is very useful in my daily life, its configuration is very complicated, and it still lacks an intelligence in the literal sense. For instance, the house is not capable of reaction alone in case of a storm. Hence, I had the idea of creating an AI which would make up for all these deficiencies and would bring more services. This intelligence had to be hosted in an object, with a non-intrusive presence. Naturally, the idea of the butler ring, that you can find in the most beautiful palaces, came to my mind.

What products are compatible ?

Concierge already works with main brands of connected objects for the house. Nest Thermostats, or smoke detectors, Samsung smart products or Philips Hue Lights are all compatible with Concierge. And this list is still growing!

How is Concierge positioned relatively to the Big Players like Google Home and Amazon Echo?

Concierge doesn’t compete with the multitude of virtual vocal assistants like Alexa, Siri or Ok Google. It’s quite the opposite in fact, it comes as a complement, adding an essential element: the human being. Indeed, thanks to Concierge you can access, with just a double click, a genuine caretaking service platform named “Very Private” that is available 7/7d 24/24h. Moreover, if vocal assistants assist you when you are inside your home, Concierge goes further. It is at your service during your absence to take care of your home security and energy saving. Eventually, both products are highly complementary. Incidentally, we are making Concierge compatible with Alexa and Google Home. The update will be available in a few days.

What is your career history?

I spent most of my childhood in front of my IBM PC and I studied finance in college where I learnt how to read and create a business plan. But it is during my 10 years as a Marketing Director at the French company Scell-it that I learnt the most. In 2008, I decided to stand on my own feet by creating a society distributing innovations called “Siyour” (ranked 27th French startup in 2016). In 2013, I imagined Concierge with the idea of simplifying the management of a Smart House.

The USA, Why and How?

The American marketplace for Smart Home is at least 2 years ahead of the Europeon one. For us, it was obvious that we should accelerate Concierge development there. Futhermore, the caretaker services are way more common in the US than the EU. Nevertheless, it’s a tough marketplace to approach for a French company and that is why we chose to ask French Accelerator for their expertise.

What evolutions are your planning for your product?

Concierge is going to become smarter and smarter with time. We are also planning on adding remote buttons that will be called “Lobby boy”. They will be genuine assistants for Concierge. They will make it easier to call a taxi or any type of home service.

Thank you for your time, Lionel ! Anything you would like to add?

Yes, one last thing. As you probably understood, Concierge is seeking to develop a better home service platform. Thus, we are looking for companies or startups that could be interested to become our partners and develop both our businesses. Thank you.



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